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    Filament jamming?

    I've got an older replicator 2 and newer plastic from makerbot. After a while into the print the filament jams and the extruder starts making the knocking/clicking noise. I have measured the filament diameter, which is around 1.83mm (totaly not 1.77, makerbot store you lie). Almost all of the newer rolls we have are around 1.8-1.9. Changing the filament diameter helped but the extruder still jams part way through.
    Also the prints have a gap at the start of each layer, creating a what looks like a seam up the side of the print ( which can be seen on the side of the thumb on the hand, and down the chest of the rabbits) I am hoping they are part of the same problum

    19238627_1613066055384850_539080211_o.jpg 19549697_1613066058718183_15765521_o.jpg

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    What temp are you printing at? It almost looks like it's too hot, but if it's jamming it's hard to say. Could be the spool is tangled too - Is it hard to pull through the tube when loading the filament?

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    does seem like it is printing to hot

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