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    "Makerbot Print" via USB

    I had my repilcatior mini standing for about a year and finally decided to start printing again, first thing i notice is that they appearently scrapped makerbot desktop for makerbot print and makerbot companion on windows 10.
    My problem is now that my old makerbot mini doesnt have wifi connection only USB, and makerbot print seem to only give me the option for offline printers for export and wifi printers.
    What i googled it seems USB should connect automaticly but it doesnt for some reason.
    Both Windows and makerbot companion detects the printer without a problem, but the question is how do i connect or update the firmware if makerbot print refuse to aknowledge it.
    I have done all the troubleshooting makerbots webpage has to offer, but most seem to still be reffering to makerbot desktop.

    Sorry if this question popped up before couldnt find it when searching.

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    You could find an older version of makerbot desktop?

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    I have a 5th Gen Replicator and it doesn't print as well with Print, I still use Desktop and it seems to connect better and print better too. You should still be able to find a link for Desktop on the Makerbot website.

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