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Thread: NEW M3D Promega

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    NEW M3D Promega

    Has anyone looked into the newly releasing M3D Promega? It's available right now for less than $1200 and will retail for $3500. Thoughts?

    M3D Promega technical specifications:

    • Build size: 15.3 in / 38.8 cm build (cube - 15.3x15.3x15.3)
    • Printer Dimension: 20x20x22in / 50.850.855.8cm (cube)
    • Weight: 25 lbs / 11.3 kg
    • XY – 0.6 micron microstep resolution
    • Z – 50-750 micron layer resolution (dependant on nozzle size)
    • Up to 300mm/s motion (typical high quality printing at 45-60mm/s)
    • Heats Up to 300C (420C with thermocouple add on)
    • Connectivity: Ethernet with built-in Webhost
    • USB host
    • SD Card (for stand-alone mode)
    • Print from any web-enabled device
    • Runs off Gcode, sliced from STL and other 3D model file types
    • Compatible with all 1.75mm filaments (not included with printer)
    • Open electronics and hardware
    • Open firmware (Smoothie or Reprap firmware)
    • Open software (3rd Party Host Controllers)

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    looks good - but if it's 'overengineered' why is it only using nema 14 motors ?

    Anyone ever bought a micro+ ?

    The original micros had a fair few issues and wouldn't encourage me to buy from the company. Just wondered if the + sorted most of the problems out.

    At $3500 with a lot of the cool stuff being extra, it's not competitively priced.

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