Hi folks, just wanted to get feedback from the community about a tool we're making to create interactive 3D instructions. It's called JigSpace, and we've just released the first versions of the Jig Workshop, which you can get here (https://jig.space/create).

What's a jig? Check this one out - How does a lock work? It's simple, interactive, and gives you a spatial understanding of the problem.

The Jig Workshop
lets you import STL or OBJ files, and create a simple, step-by-step presentation, and then immediately share it on the web. It's designed to be super simple and painless, my focus is on getting out of the way and making the process of sharing your instructions as easy as possible.

It seems to me that creating assembly instructions is one of the more laborious and time-consuming part of 3D printing, and we've already working with Christoph Laimer (designer of the 3D Printed Tourbillon) to make assembly instructions for his 3D prints. You can check them out on his page - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1249221.

I'd be really keen to get feedback on what we're building, I want to work with 3D printing communities to make this a tool that is useful.

Thanks for your time,