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    WTB Raise3d n2 printer

    I have been looking at reviews for awhile and I have narrowed down the printer I want to buy to the raise3d N2. I want something that can print large and relatively accurately. I should also add I am new to 3d printing but I have some solidworks experience and I am use to tinkering with things. I didnt really see a printer in the same price range that had as many features. I was planning on getting the N2 not the N2 plus, will I regret not getting the larger printer?

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    Only if you need to print larger things...

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    well it's an expensive machine for the print volume. Not one I've ever heard of before- given that there's at least 5 new machines launched each week - that's hardly surprising.

    Ticks most of the boxes.
    For me though, if I were spending that kind of money on a printer (and having just built a dirt cheap delta - I probably wouldn't.) I would want independant dual extruders, OR a 2 into 1 extruder that could print dual materials from the one nozzle.

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    Thanks for the info. Is there a similar printer that you know of that would come with dual extruders?

    Also does the printer you built have similar capabilities? If so I think it would definitely be an interesting project building a printer

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    the biggest delta kit I've seen is the big brother to mine:

    Check my 'blog' (sorta kinda) only difference is the one above is a good bit bigger:

    But if I had your budget I'd be looking at a bnc3d sigma:
    Smaller print volume but it will print two completely seperate things at the same time :-)

    Or possibly a Builder:
    They are a bit more pricey. the builders have the dual feed single nozzle and the bnc3d sigma has dual independant extruders. Which i absolutely love !
    My current favourite 3d printer is the leapfrog Bolt:
    Not cheap, but for what they are actually value for money.

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