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    First Layer Issue

    Hello Everyone,

    I've been using my i3 knockoff (Tronxy P802) for about a year now. However, it recently started giving me issues while printing the first layer. While printing, it will start making a muted clicking noise and when looking at the print bed, you can see a "miss" corresponding to when it was clicking. Here's a picture of what I'm seeing for a little clarification:


    It's gotten worse lately, pretty much just clicking the whole first layer and not depositing anything. After the first layer is done and it moves up a step, it stops clicking and goes back to normal. My initial reaction is that either the nozzle is getting clogged or there is something wrong with the extruder. Any suggestions on what may be the cause of this?

    Thanks in advance for any info.



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    Couple things to try. First, pull the nozzle and give it a good cleaning. Make sure the tube isn't deformed. If that doesn't fix it, try lowering the first layer thickness or adjust bed height.

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    The distance between Nozzle and Bulit plate is TOO CLOSE!
    Its better if there is 0,2mm

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