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    What is causing this?

    I have a monoprice maker select v2 and have been printing for quite a while now. Just recently my printer started to do this. The filament used is AIO Robotics light blue. The print finished but after trying to start another print this was the result.

    I cant upload a image for some reason so...
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    What are we looking at here? Where did this come from? When did it happen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marm View Post
    What are we looking at here? Where did this come from? When did it happen?
    The right side of the filament. My extruder was jammed and I had to pull this out. This happened after a print finished.

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    Is the tube missing from the nozzle?

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    Unless it came stock without the tube, it came with a replacement tube and I read the instructions and there was no mention of placing the tube in. It was not a kit.

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    Did something goofy happen, like the heat not being turned on? Was the extruder motor/gear clicking?

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    This has actually happened 3 times now but I thought I should get it checked out now. As I said, this usually occurs after a print is finished. I am never present for when the print is finished, but if I try to reverse the extruder, there is a clicking. I cannot push it through, I have to pull it out, and it takes a lot of pulling.

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    You are warming up the hot end before trying to retract the filament? If so, pull the nozzle and give it a cleaning. Good time to check the tube as well.

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    Yes, I heat it up to 215c before trying to remove any filament. I am getting a new nozzle soon, so I will do a deep clean then.

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    I experienced what I assume is the same thing again. This time I was not able to pull it out. I took apart the extruder and that is not the issue, it was completely clean. The jam persists somewhere between nozzle and in the tube.

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