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    CTC printer but, which one to purchase?

    Hello all,

    OK, so, having decided to get a 3D printer, a CTC model, which of the models advertised with in Ebay.UK sites offered, is the best model to get?; the printer that i get will have to be from the UK as, this is where i live so it make scence to get it from my country and not from any other place.

    The reason i have asked this to some, strange question is, because, i see listed on the Ebay UK sites for CTC 3D printers many models which seem!!, to be on the one hand identical to one another, but, when you read the information on each, they do have differences, and, that is what has prompted this question, so, i look forwards to some advice on this matter, and, many thanks to all who help me out....

    My very best regards to all................................Tom...

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    I doubt any printer you will buy will be from the UK. Most if not all are made in China.

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    Actually, they are and do ship from CTC printers here stocked in the UK, my question is just, their are three type of bodies that are found around the net pertaining to CTC printers and, i want to know which is the best type to get, and, seeing as CTC have as i have stated, warehouses/outlets here in the UK, it would be of great assistance as to which people think are the better ones to purchase!!!!!!!


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    personally I wouldn't get a ctc.
    They do seem to have a lot of build quality issues.
    Probably why they're so cheap.

    So if you would list the three models, I can take a look and see which is the least worse :-)

    Problem is nobody else seems to be making the classic makerbot dual clone anymore. The rest just seem to make the pro version, which is about twice the cost.
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