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    Student Uses 3D Printing to Design Shoes for Refugees

    Many refugees have to walk thousands of miles over the course of their journey, over treacherous terrain and in harsh weather. Those conditions will wear out a pair of shoes quickly, with little opportunity or resources to replace them.Refugee camps can supply migrants with fresh clothing and shoes, but it's often not in the best condition, or even properly fitting. But Brunel University London student Faisal Tayan has developed a product called Shoe4All, which features a 3D printed mechanism that allows the shoe to expand or contract to fit adult sizes 6 to 11. The shoe itself is designed with neoprene, an insulated material used to make wetsuits. Learn more at

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    This is very impressive and creative at the same time. We need more ideas like this

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    This is quite interesting but is it possible to make shoes on a 3-d printer that wouldn't leave stains on the floor? Because when I play tennis in the gym, it's tough not to leave some mark. Therefore, I often began to wonder why do I need non-marking tennis shoes? Of course, I need them to keep the hall clean, as well as for convenience, because I heard that they are very comfortable during the game. I wondered if someone else wore similar shoes and how you felt in them because it's essential to know for me. I want to put on the shoes that would create good conditions for victory.
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