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    2,028 and Ripples Give New Meaning to Coffee Date

    Coffee and internet dating are reaching a new level as introduces a new program in London. On January 19th and 20th, Match is sponsoring a popup coffee dating event for members interested in trying something new and pretty high-tech for the world of java. Upon entering and ordering coffee, Match members are met with a menu of eight ‘choices’ whose countenances are extruded into the foam on the top of the coffee, with their stats imprinted on the cup. This revolutionary new coffee idea comes from Ripples, and is produced on their Ripple Maker—a compact, wifi connected device that uses a mixture of 3D printing and inkjet technology to produce the messages and images atop coffee. Read more at

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    no actual 3d printing involved.
    Must be slow news week :-)

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    That's honestly a little weird for me.

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    And I think it's charming and romantic. I want to go to such a cafe with my boyfriend, but first I would like to find a boyfriend, haha At the moment, I am registered in the dating app and have already found friends, but not the boyfriend. Most of them say that they are not ready for a long-term relationship, but I still don't despair. In any case, I will find my soul mate. Even my mother said that love comes very suddenly, so I have to enjoy life, and fate will provide me with a person.
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    Mud WTR can be made simply in the way coffee is made, but what fun is that? People across the globe who use Mud WTR have been trying new and creative recipes with Mud WTR that taste delicious and is nutrition packed too. Here are a few of the best recipes that you might want to try at home using Mud WTR:

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