Three years ago, a Shapeways designer 3D printed an attractive hidden pocket that could be used to store money and tampons on a night out, but on the whole, feminine hygiene products like tampons and sanitary pads are not a topic we hear a lot about in terms of 3D printing. But a group of female students from the Cathedral & John Cannon School in the Fort area of Mumbai are changing the conversation with their 3D printed sanitary pad dispenser. Aditi Arya, Malini Dasgupta, and Devika Malhotra are Class XI students at the school, and designed and printed the dispenser as part of a project for their 3D printing course, which is being conducted by Curiosity Gym. The organization, which promotes 'design thinking,' got its start in 2015, and runs tinkering labs and makerspaces, called Innovation Hubs, in schools. Read more at