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    Help with finshing 3D printed props

    Hi all,

    I have spent the past year getting to know my 3D printer and getting all the settings dialled in and getting the best quality prints I can straight off the bed. Now I am starting my first 3D printed prop and this is where I need to help and advise (I hope this thread is in the correct group)

    I have wet and dry sandpaper of varying grits and this is a good start to smooth out the print lines. However, I need to do some filling. Some are large areas and some are small indents that need filling. I see in the most of the videos people use Bondo Spot Putty. However in the UK, this is really expensive to get hold of, some people are charging up to 43 P&P!!! can anyone in the UK suggest a product that's not too expensive to use for filling large areas and small areas.


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    I found a website that is called Youtube, that has some information on that subject
    you might find more.

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    Hey, there is this thing called sarcasm it's super useful!!!

    Just hoping that the reply from this is the normal standard of useless reply on this site

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    if you mean epoxy putty - poundland sells it. not so expensive :-)

    The other thing you might try is ordinary gap filler. Big tubes from all good discount and pound shops :-)

    Sandable, paintable and shrink and stretchable as well - so it says:

    They sell actual squeezable tubes in poundstretcher as well - but they don't have a searchable website.
    And all good hardware stores will also sell it.

    Got to be worth a try :-)
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    Thanks, curious aardvark I have some test pieces to work with that I have printed out. I will give this a try.

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    Prop as in cinema? Or Prop as in Boat propeller?

    For my RC yachts I use this nasty green stuff. I forget the name, i get it from the hobby shop, but it's been around a while, and it's got some chemical that's a skin irritant, but it works like bondo, pretty cheap, and is specifically made for plastics. Sands down easily and paints very well. I guess it'd work pretty well for stage props too I guess. Or you could be making a prop prop.

    After a bit of googling, it turns out it's called "green Putty" by MMD.

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    Has anybody had any experience using this?

    I've been meaning to give it a try, but I haven't had a need for a real smooth finish on anything yet.

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    I haven't tried that particular product, but the smooth-on products I have tried are wonderful, if expensive.

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