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    Need advise on 3d pen

    Hi, I want to get a 3d pen. Need advise for the same. which one is the best in terms of quality and if I can get anything best in less price. it will great help.

    Thank you.

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    try one of those.
    I've got an older version I bought a few years back.
    Not sure what you get by paying more. At the end of the day all the filament based ones work exactly the same way.

    You can pay a lot more and get one of the resin and uv light based pens.
    These work quite differently but cost a lot more and the resin is also bloody expensive.

    Me I'd get one of the cheap ones and see if it's actually going to be as useful as you think.

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    Hey, Thanks for the response. I was searching for the reviews found some good ones but confused about what to get. I think bellow 100 would be great. Can you tell me which one should be good from this list:-

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