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Thread: HIPS filament?

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    HIPS filament?

    I thought that HIPS filament is used as support material for ABS filament but Graphene3D Labs at has new HIPS filament suitable for 3D printing mechanical components. I have been using PETG filament. Which is better - HIPS or PETG?

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    Jeff they are using the hips as a medium to embed the graphene in.
    So it's the graphene that gives the filament it's rigidity and toughness and the hips that adds flexibility.
    Just bear in mind it will rapidly wear away a standard brass nozzle.
    If you are going to print extensively with any carbon carrying filament you'll need to upgrade to a stainless steel nozzle.

    So given that it will only ever come in black and will be pretty expensive. I'd stick to pet-g which comes in all colours and is fairly cheap.

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