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Thread: Belt Sizes

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    Belt Sizes

    I bought a Startt printer from for $99. I cut my belt after assembly to be just the right size. But now I would like to add a few upgrades that require a longer x axis belt. I don't want to buy one without knowing the exact size. Can someone explain belt sizes, or point me to a good reference to make sure I get the right size? GT2, T2.5 ??

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    well, generally speaking it's 2x the length of travel plus a bit to bend over and lock onto the carriage.
    Just look on amazon for gt2 timing belt.
    The gt2 stuff should be 6mm wide.

    It's pretty cheap and comes in various lengths.
    Always buy more than you think you need and only cut it to exact size after you've test fitted to get the rough length.

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