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    Litecoin and Bitcoin For 3D Printing Supplies?

    Not sure how many of you guys are involved in the cryptocurrency wave that has been sweeping the internet..... I have both Litecoin and Bitcoin and have been using it more and more for my online purchases. Do any of you guys know any online or offline stores which sell 3d printers, filaments, and parts which accept either Litecoin or Bitcoin? Any help here would be appreciated. I was shopping from one store for filament, which allowed me to pay with Bitcoin, but after the whole MTGox fiasco, they stopped accepting it.


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    Hello, if you would like to order filament with bitcoin, litecoin or Dogecoin DC Plastico ( accepts crypto currency.

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    I'm planning to buy a 3d printer in a few weeks. It's really hard to decide on which printer to get but I'm thinking either a printrbot simple metal or makerfarm i3v prusa. If you would carry either of those for Bitcoin or Litecoin I would consider making a purchase through you. Of course, I would like to support an established store if possible so hopefully you're that.

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    i believe accepts bitcoin

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    Very cool. I wish they had a cheaper full kit available. The makerfarm and printrbot options are both under $600.

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    RoboSavvy is a good site that accepts bitcoin. They even sell 3D printers.

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