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    Cura, ABL and USB/SD Card questions

    Hi a few questions if I may:

    Using MakerFarm i3V 12" printer, USB connection to RUMBA electronics and a z-probe (on a servo arm), Marlin 1.1.0-RCBugFix 2016-12-06 12:00and Cura 2.5.1

    This is to do with Cura, I am printing some gaskets, 55.5mm id 57mm od 5mm high. I planned to print 6 of them in one go, got the layout on Cura and generated the GCode.
    When it came to print time, all the brims were printed individually, then the gaskets were started; two layers were printed on one gasket, then it moved onto the next and did 2 layers there etc.
    Is there a way to print the 6 gaskets sequentially, i.e. completley print one before moving on to the next.

    I have the full graphics LCD with the SD Card slot. Is there any way (third party software?) to download over USB directly to the SD card, currently the download is very slow. I realise it will probably be quicker to walk over to the printer, remove the SD card, bring it back to the computer and load the files that way, but if I can make the electrons do the work I'd be happier!
    Could a WiFi SD card be used??

    I've looked at many articles on bed leveling but must admit I can't fully understand all the nuances of G29. The bed leveling works fine using the AUTO_BED_LEVELING_LINEAR and the G28 G29 codes, what I am trying to do is find some way to save the results so that I don't need to keep performing a G29 after rebooting / restarting the machine. Can the results be stored in and retrieved from EEPROM?

    Thanks for any input
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