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    Flashforge Finder PLA getting caught on Nozzle and model base getting dragged around.

    Okay - first mistake - bought a second hand Flashforge Finder at a bargain price, and lo and behold it doesn't work properly....

    I have manually leveled the build platform using a sheet of paper and calibrated the extruder to the same level i.e. friction when moving a sheet of 100gsm A4.

    I have tried various temperatures from 190 to 220, and with or without glue stick on the base, and am printing with the newest Flashprint drivers etc.

    I have created a test print containing 9 small flat squares. It starts printing at the top tight hand corner and only 1 in 10 times will it manage even a basic attempt at the top square which is pretty warped and crappy.

    It seems to be leaving a continual trail of PLA, and when the nozzle crosses over the model at speed, it seems to drag a strand of PLA across the build plate at a speed and distance that leaved a raised strand for the nozzle to catch on.

    Can anyone give me any advide on what my next move should be?

    Also - whatever it is does it sound fixable i.e. part of the 3D printing territory, or should I try (and likely fail - buyer beware and all that) to get a refund and go for a new Finder, or indeed a different entry level printer?

    Fingers crossed and many thanks in advance.


    BTW - I also reckon believe the X axis to be off by a few cm, but I'm guessing that's another story...
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    Make sure you are turning on the fan. Try upping the build plate temp. If you get into the expert mode of FlashPrint you can adjust retraction movements and keep the stringing down.

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    Nevermind on the build plate temp. Thinking of a different machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by number40Fan View Post
    Nevermind on the build plate temp. Thinking of a different machine.
    Still - the retraction seems like a sensible move... That said, I'm thinking something must be up - would be surprised if Flashforge would expect folks to fanny around to this extent out of the box...

    Thanks for the tip much appreciated.

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    I haven't had my printer very long, but I have found out that it can be a chore to get set up correctly to print nice.

    If I were you, I'd remove the build plate and spray it with some AquaNet hairspray and let it sit out in the sun to dry for an hour or so. Reinstall the place and level it using a piece of printer paper. Get the gap to where there is just a bit of drag when pulling the paper. Don't adjust one point and never come back to it. Adjust all of them and then check again. You'll more than likely move one side of the plate when adjusting the other side.

    Now, check level again. Seriously....

    Ok, download a bed leveling file from Get one that makes a round circle. Load it up and see how it sticks.

    If your machine doesn't have a fan that blows air at the nozzle while printing, get a fan and put it next to the machine and let it run while printing. PLA needs to be cooled while being laid down.

    Good luck!

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    Do you have a heated build plate ? (looks) nope.
    Yeah get another printer lol I just don't see how so many people get by with an unheated bed :-)

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    Thanks so much for the info - On holiday atm but the calibration print is a definite on my return.

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    If the guy will take it back (I still think it may be faulty) I may very well be reconsidering a different model...

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