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    Stratasys dimensions sst cost???

    I'm looking at getting a stratasy Dimension SST, its used from a guy who is closing down his shop. I'm pretty sure its a 768 model but some of the features this guy is listing throws me off. Here is what he has listed,

    Prints models up 10" x 10" x 12"
    Equipped with FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
    SCA-1200 cleaning system
    Requires ABS-P430 Stratasys cartridges
    (5) cartridges included

    Also here is an image.

    What do You guys think, and what would be a fair price, assuming everything works. thanks!

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    Just be aware that the Dimension 768 is now classed as end of life by Stratasys, so limited spares and parts should the machine need any maintenance. The SST uses P430 material cans whilst the 768 uses P400.


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    the other thing to bear in mind is just how fast the industry has been moving in recent years.

    It's more than possible that you can get a brand new machine with better specs than an old second hand one.

    What sort of money are you looking at for this thing ?

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