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    Cleaning printed parts

    I printed some inserts for coffee mugs to make them planter pots with drainage. I washed the parts in the
    dishwasher and apparently the heat from the dishwasher dryer (on the top rack) was enough to warp the parts.

    I didn't realize PLA was that thermally sensitive post printing.

    Dan Calef

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    PLA has quite a low glass point - where it starts to melt, and it is also a biodegradable material, so using it in any wet or high humidity will considerably reduce the life span.

    Not sure on your printer, but ABS or some of the PET / PET-G materials might be better suited. These will stand more abuse.

    Not sure why you needed to wash the parts though. Mine generally just need a quick brush over and with ABS, a quick sand to remove the occasional string.

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