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    not sure what i need exactly

    hi, okay this may be a slightly longer post so if you don't wanna read it i wont hate you for hitting back. So, last year my dad died and ever since then its messed me up really bad. I'm trying to do stuff that helps remind me of him. My dad was a taxi driver, that was his life he loved it. So it got me thinking, what if i could get a 3D model of him and his taxi. Would be amazing i think to have something like that, so i started researching it and im in far too deep. I haven't a clue where to go or how to go about it. Basically i have some pictures for reference and measurements i'd like the figures to be. I'd like them in the colors seen on the pictures. I thought it'd be a straight forward thing, but it really isn't. Everyone seems to need a cad file or something, which i don't have, and i cant make as i have about as much talent as a bag of marbles. so im stuck in an infinite loop of just problems. any advice on what to do/where to go would be appreciated it

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    It's going to be difficult and expensive, but it's not impossible if you're really determined to make it happen. If you don't want to purchase software and learn to use it yourself, you'll need to hire a modeler who's good at figurative work and willing to work from photos to make a model of your father in the appropriate position and color it, sending you screenshots for approval until you're satisfied with the likeness. (If you don't know anyone like that, you can post requests in this and other forums they might frequent.) Then you need to find (if you're lucky) or have built (if you're not) a model of the taxi and color that. Put them together, and send it off to a company (Shapeways or someone else) who can print a full-color model in the size you want - Voila!

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    Check out thingiverse or other 3d model repositories for an already existing make and model of the taxi you want. And I believe there are already services out there that will take photos and design a 3d model of a person, but of course if the photos weren't taken with 3d modeling in mind, it probably won't turn out so well.

    But I'm thinking, do you really want a model of him that just doesn't quite look right? As good as modellers are, a figurine is never quite right. Maybe the taxi alone might be enough, so you don't have to look at a crappy figure that doesn't look like him. Especially on the scale I'm envisioning, details get muddied at that size.

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    Yeah a taxi with the right number plate would be fairly easily doable, I would imagine.

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