This is our discussion forum for the Please feel free to communicate and discuss anything about the site or anything 3dprinting related. The aim of the site is to promote 3dprinting and good printable files. Only files that have been verified printable will make it to the site. No screen shots allowed. I personally check all files that are uploaded to the site. We would like to be considered a good alternative to thingiverse in time and hopefully will keep growing over the next few months. We are not part of a corporate company, we are independent and will stay this way. You don't need an account to download files, you can download as a 'guest'. To share designs then you will need to create an account which is easily done in under a minute.

Also it would be good to see any photos that of 3dprinting files that have been downloaded and printed off here. Thanks for the interest and happy printing.

Phil @3dfilemarket