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    My animal sculptures

    Hello, i'm Nikolay, digital sculptor. Just wanted to show few 3d prints of my animals i sculpted.
    Polyamide 3d prints:
    1.bear skull with a turnable lower jaw

    2. Wolf head, wall mount

    3. Deer head (christmass decor)

    4. Aggressive Lion
    Here is video, i tried to make night light using this lion head:

    Lion head FDM 3d print (ABS plastic):

    hope i will show new photos soon and hope you like )

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    those are excellent !

    Love the 'faux taxidermy' tag too :-)

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    Great sculpting work, congratulations on these!

    There are some extraordinary models on where the lab has found fossils and digitized them in East Africa. It would be great if a sculptor would complete some of the broken skulls into 3D printable items.

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    Nice sculpting work...
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    Great work man! What software are you using to design these?

    Regards, JJ

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    I love the lions head!! very well sculpted

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    What did you use?

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    Excellent work. Please details on software and printer

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    Are these touched up, like with acetone?

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    Hi eweryone! sorry for the lack of answers from my side. I just did not receive notifications of new comments. These prints (above) in polyamide are obtained through Shapeways, excluding the last lion. I sculpted digital models in Zbrush.
    But this year I intensively studied 3d printing with my own desktop printer. This is a FDM printer and PLA plastic.
    So i'd like to show a few examples what I done recently. Hope you like as well

    Here is wolf head sculpture. 3d printed in PLA, smoothed with dichloromethane, painted:

    And aggressive wolf relief. 3D printed in PLA by parts

    By the way, why i can not to upload the image into message? I was forced to insert pictures from remote links

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