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    Need help creating Geocoin

    Good day folks,

    I am totally new to 3d printing. I have experience tough in modelling and graphics design which reaches back to the dark ages when 3d Studio ran on DOS. ;-)

    The first thing I tried to make with my new Flashforge Finder was to make a replacement for a Geocoin. I made a SVG file for the front, the base and the back. I want to extrude all three of them and then perform some booles on them. The front is to be extruded and the back engraved. All pretty straight forward, at least so it seems. Trouble starts when the boolean operations come in play. It always totally messes up my mesh with wrong normals, missing faces etc. I tried blender, Vectary, SketchUp and FreeCAD. None gets it right. I simply don't understand what I am doing wrong. All curves seem to be closed, there are not too many vertices in it etc.

    Here is a link to the files:

    I would be very obliged for any kind of help that puts me in the right direction.


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    Here you go.

    If you have any questions / problems, reach out at

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