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    3D Scanner capabilties


    So I was doing some research into 3D scanning, and I wanted to see if it was possible to scan the inside of an object. From what I saw, typical 3D scanners just recreate the outside of an object and seem limited to that. Is there any way (using 3D scanners or not) to image an object both inside and out? An example would be a fish, for instance. Would it be possible to make a scan of both the outside of the fish and its organ systems, without having to dissect it and scan all the organ systems separately? Sorry for the strange example, but it was the best way to describe what I was thinking of.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The only way to do that is putting the Fish through an CT scanner or MRI scanner, that data can be transformed to 3D data


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    Thanks so much!

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    Archaeologists use ct scan the inside of hollow objects and then reproduce them on 3d printers.
    Should be some scientific papers around on that subject.

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    Many hospitals now will give you a CD/DVD with the imagery files on it when you get a CT or MRI done. I had one a couple years ago and it even had a viewer preloaded too. I think it was called Orion. But now there are other apps that can take those files and transform them into printable models. There are a few YouTubes and Instructables on how to "print your own organs"

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