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    Can I change the power adapter of a MakerSelect V2?

    Hey Guys,

    I just ordered a 120V MakerSelect V2 and my country is a 220V.

    Do you guys know if the power adapter inside the control box (the one with the lcd) is replaceable?
    Is it a separate AC to DC converter or is it part of the whole unit?

    If it's a separate unit then what voltage and amps does this thing need?

    If it's a single unit then what is the amperage/wattage that it draws? (as I will need a 110V to 220V converter).

    Thanks alot,

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    Someone posted this in the review section for the monoprice unit. He took apart his DOA unit and saw that there is a switch on the power supply that lets you select 120/220 and his was set on 220 which is why it would not work. You might try removing the case ans seeing if yours has the same.

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    Thanks alot!

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