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    Zortrax G-Code conversion and ZCode patching

    Just in case that this isn't known yet, some links to my tools:

    RaftAway (raft removal, extrusion/speed/retraction patching)

    g2z (G-Code to Z-Code conversion)

    ZTool (all the features of RaftAway and g2z plus preview, support removal, fan profile display/export/import, patching of temperatures/offset etc.)

    Profiles for G-Code conversion (basic, mainly meant as starting point)

    All the tools are in Java, should run on any platform that support the Java Runtime (Windows, MacOS, Linux).
    There's always a short manual in rich text format (RTF) included as well as Icons for Windows (*.ico) and MacOS (*.icns).

    Have fun.

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    Updated g2z to 1.0.4 and ZTool to 1.0.5
    Added support for Z-PLA Pro, Z-ASA Pro and firmware 1.1.1.
    Reduced minimum extruder temperature to 160°C

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    To continue my monologue:

    Fixed issue with empty retraction commands created with newer versions of Z-Suite.
    Improved ZCode support for Inventure.

    Added option to increase distance between raft and first model layer.
    Separate speed setting for 1st model layer.
    Fixed: export dialog didn't keep/display setting from previous export.
    Fixed: export dialog didn't offer PLA and ASA profiles and therefore changed profile name to ABS.

    Removed the <=10 layers check and improved error/warning messages.

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    Hello, just wanted to thank you for the z-tool. Z-Suite is ok, but it is really lacking in certain features, and it is nice to have an alternative. I tried and already successfully printed several parts using s3d->z-tool path. I really like that s3d is much better at handling corners. Z-Suite always puts a seam into a corner and those corners are always bulging out. With s3d-Ztool corners are much better. The only parameter I needed to adjust was the retraction, which was set a bit too much at 2mm. I reduced it to 0.5mm.

    Is it at all possible to get the source code for the z-tool, or at least data on the zcode? i would like to make some improvements. Yes I can still do it in g-code before sending to ztool, but would be nicer to have fewer steps in the process.

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    Sorry, I haven't checked in here for quite a while.

    Regarding infos on ZCode or releasing the sources: I'd really like to do this and if it was only about me, I had done this in 2016 or so when I started my efforts.
    Unfortunately, the people at Zortrax made quite clear that they would not tolerate publishing details about ZCode and until that changes, I feel obliged to honor our truce.

    BTW: I updated ZTool to 1.0.9c and g2z to 1.0.6

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    BTW: does anybody here own an M200 Plus? I haven't found the motivation yet to implement support for the new ZCodeX format, but it looks like it would be pretty easy to add. It's just that I can't really be 100% sure that a patched/3rd party ZCodeX file would be accepted by the printer just because it's accepted by Z-Suite. Well, I would think so, but you never know.

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    I released a new version 1.1.0 of ZTool which can be found in the usual dropbox folder:

    The main features are support for the ZCodex format used by the M200 Plus and export of G-Code.
    Please read the according sections ("Notes about the ZCodex format" and "G-Code export") in the RTF manual for details.

    Anyway, as the support for ZCodex made it necessary to rework some internals, there's the chance I messed things up.
    As a result, I'd consider version 1.1.0 to be somewhat experimental. Therefore, the stable version 1.0.9c is still available in parallel.
    Besides, I still haven't found a volunteer with an M200 Plus. So currently I can only say that Z-Suite opens ZCodex files created by ZTool without complaining (and vice versa).
    I'd be happy to hear from an M200 Plus owner if the printer accepts and prints e.g. ZCode converted to ZCodex (which I'd consider the safest scenario).
    Note that it's probably a good idea to use an offset of 170µm when converting from ZCode to ZCodex due to different initial Z heights of M200 and M200 Plus. See RTF manual for details.

    Also note that I currently don't plan to release a "g2z" version that supports ZCodex.

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    Released ZTool 1.1.1
    Raft removal wasn't working with generic ZCodex files (as the extrusion value is not reset to 0 by the slicer for the M200 Plus when retracting). The raft removal mechanism should now automatically use layer changes instead (note that it was originally designed before the layer command even existed).
    Added some comments like "support", "raft" etc. in the exported G-Code. It's not perfect as it doesn't filter out futile/double comments but then again, S3D doesn't either. This also improves import of these exported G-Code files into ZTool a bit.

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    Released 1.1.2
    Reworked raft removal caused issues with some ZCode files: raft removal would remove some part of the first layer (if they were tagged with infill instead of contour).

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    In pevious versions, speeding up the 1st layer didn't work after removing the raft. Background was that the initial skirt (used to start extrusion outside the raft) was patched from Raft into Support and then the search for the search for the (end of) the 1st player stopped immediately when reaching the (patched) skirt. Now the skirt is patched into "1st Layer Support", so it's identified as part of the 1st layer (and thus also sped up).
    Note that if the raft was removed with an older version than 1.1.3, speeding up the 1st layer will still not work.
    Raft removal kept a part of the raft when there was no initial skirt. This only happened for very large prints where Z-Suite didn't create an initial skirt. Added workaround that should work for all Z-Suite versions > 1.7.x.
    Fixed a bug in raft removal for ZCodex format. Due to internal handling of the differential extrusion values, removing the raft caused a massive overextrusion at the first extrusion after the (removed) raft.

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