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Thread: 2D images to 3D

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    2D images to 3D

    Hey all. I am brand new to 3D printing. After some basic research, it's my understanding that converting 2D photographs to 3D is possible, but not ... ideal. For example if you were to have a photograph of someone's face, turning it into a sculptural bust would be nearly impossible without basically sculpting it yourself in a 3D program. Is this correct?It seems like images to 3D work better for cartoony type things or mechanical things, and not human faces or even houses?Thanks for any wisdom!

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    Your assumptions are correct. 3D conversion of complicated 2D features (faces) are very difficult.

    If I'm not mistaken, there are a few android/apple apps that provide rudimentary 3D scanning. It might be possible to generate a 3D model with one of those, but probably unlikely.

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    If you can get Autodesk Remake to work on your machine, it can result in a pretty good 3D mesh model using just photographs.

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    Hi, You were right!
    There isn't any way to turn 2D image into 3D bust without modeling touches!
    I've experiments about that process, you can follow this link :
    It was a 2D oringinal photo, after using Zbrush ( 2 hours)

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