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    3D printing with PLA

    Hi, everyone!

    We're currently undertaking a small survey (won't even take a minute to fill out) on printing with PLA and we need YOU to participate. We'd like to know what your experience with PLA is, whether you use it or not. This way, we'd like to be able to cater to your 3D printing needs. It'd be awesome if you could help us by filling out the survey on the following link:
    Thank you very much for your help!

    Best regards,

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    if you want to help us with our 3d printing needs - might be an idea to say who you are :-)

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    Hi, curious aardvark,

    That's a good point, thanks. I'm Stani from Tiamet 3D. Our company was actually established after one of the co-founders went through a lot of hassle trying to print a part for his bike, experiencing a lot of issues with various filaments and the replacement part repeatedly breaking. Therefore, we try to provide people with high-strenght material that is easy to print. And in the questionnaire mentioned above, we're trying to figure out if 3d printer users experience any issues whilst printing, and if so, what nature these issues are. If you'd like to find out more, check us out on or drop us an email on

    Have a good day

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