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    getting started...ahead of myself?

    I took a tiny bit of CAD in school but cant remember a lot and need a good place to pretty much start as new. Is there any free tutorials out there? Anyone know a good place to start? I am working on some fairly simple and basic prototypes. Also a case for an lg v10 that I could get and edit would be awesome. I need a mentor. Someone please help!

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    Google Sketchup. Its free and easy to learn. Download and install it, then just start drawing stuff. Thats the best way to learn it. You'll be on your way in no time.

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    If you can invest the $495 in half a year, you can already start with the fully working trial of Rhinoceros. This is an industry-standard software and has great possibilities.

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    If you have a student email, you can get a license for Geomagic for next to nothing. There are also free programs like OpenSCAD, QCAD and FreeCAD.

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