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    Filament advice Please


    I am looking at purchasing pla filament for my CTC Dual Extruder Printer. My problem is it hasn't arrived yet. The filament company are stating to make sure your printer can use open source software before purchasing.

    Does anyone own this printer and know if we are tied down to a specific brand of filament?


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    I was actually looking at this printer when I stumbled across the mammoth tevo black widow and had to put my dual extrusion dreams on hold. Personally I would find cheap ebay filaments in the $20-$30 per 2.2lb spool price range with the right size hole in the center of the spool. It is really nice when wasted filament doesn't hurt. It makes it so time is your only real concern in making stuff.

    If you have a printer that for some reason wont let you make the software changes you might need to make for more or less stepper travel or temps settings, well, then it might be a good time for a mainboard upgrade. They are cheap and easy to do. And a no brainer when compared to the life of a printer spent paying double or more for filament.

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    The ctc can use any filament.

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