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    well I suspect the printbite issues were as much climate and cheap pla related as anything else.
    Just run through a roll of black esun pla that came with the klic-n-print. Switched back to some flashforge red yesterday, printed a cooling nozzle for the ctc - wow, that stuck about twice as hard as the esun !

    350 does look huge. But like i said, it's a 250mm square with added rounded corners. Doesn't cost any more, so why not :-)

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    just changed my nozzle, I believe this is the 3rd 0.5mm !
    They are dirt cheap brass - so I don't expect them to last forever. They're averaging about 1,75km a nozzle. Which doesn't seem unreasonable.
    Not bad for over 5 kilometres of filament in 2 years !
    Just thought I'd update this and say the he3d K200 is STILL my best printer. Still running all stock firmware, electronics and mechanicals, still capable of running all day - every day.

    Thought I had a serious issue tonight. Couple of small prints were under extruded !
    You what ? that's bloody weird. Changed nozzel, current print back to it's normal impeccable self :-)

    The 2 year old printbite is still as good as new.

    This setup is how all 3d printing SHOULD be.


    well sunavabeetch !
    Turns out it's the new roll of silver filament that WAS the bloody. Looks, It's just gone and clogged my new nozzle !

    This is the firast time I've ever had a filament that does this. The previous roll of this stuff was some of the best filament I've ever used.

    Must be some big unmeltable particle is this roll.
    well *&&&**^^%%$%^^&&*()**&&^%$£### and **&*())_~###(*&^%%^& as well !
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    Well I guess i just jinxed myself.
    The ptfe tube was buggered, So drilled that out, fitted new one and managed to twist the end off the nozzle leaving the thread in the damn hotend !

    So children, tonight's lesson is simple: ALWAYS heat the heatblock before screwing your nozzle in or out !

    Right, where do i get replacement heat blocks............
    Hmmm - the one on the ctc i3 looks remarkably similiar, I think we have a plan !

    That said, think I'm out of 0.5mm nozzles, sheesh lol (well you got to laugh).

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    Alexa's (It and my niece were named long before amazon stole the name) back up and running.
    And looking new and shiny.

    So here's the thing.
    I wanted a single heatblock.
    ended up buying a pack with 4 heatblocks, 4 metal 'throats, bunch of 0.4mm nozzles for £10.
    NObody just sells a single heatblock. And this pack was the cheapest I could find. Shame the metal throats don't fit alexas cooling block - but I've got plenty ptfe liner.
    I guess at some point the extra bits will come in handy. not the same size heatblock (not quite a sdeep), but works just fine.
    Nozzles - okay let's talk bloody ridiculous.

    I could get a single 0.5mm nozzle from ebay for about £2.50 and a weeks delivey time. I wanted at least 2.
    In the end I bought a mixed pack of 20 nozzles with next day delivery from amazon containing 2x0.5mm nozzles for £4.
    Sheer insanity.
    I'll probably play with the other sizes at some point. But how crazy is that pricing ? 20 for less than the price of 2 !

    I know people don't like amazon. But where else can you order stuff at 22:30 and have it delivered the next day - on a saturday - before 13:00 and still pay less than ebay ?

    The new nozzles are slightly narrower with a longer pointy end. Looks good and prints well.

    Currently knocking out an alignment block for my new laser cutter.
    After 5.5km of filament it looks like Alexa appreciates the new parts :-)
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