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    Post Perfect 3D Print Settings - Knowledge Exchange

    Is it a pain for you to spend a lot of time for experimenting on print settings until you find the best combination? This is exactly what we experienced.

    For this reason, we want to collect the knowledge and experiences of the community to make 3D printing easier for each other. We started to build up a database for printer models, filament types and filament provider. Our target is to share the results with you and make 3d printing easier! Therefore, we need further insights about your experiences. If you like our idea and if you are interested in the best practices from other users, it would be great if you help us to grow by sharing your experiences in return. It takes you 1-2 minutes (per setting combination - printer model, filament type, filament provider) to fill out the survey and make a big contribution to the printing community. eLpkFQ/viewform

    Thanks for helping each other!

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    Interesting idea. It may work better if it were more of a standardized form with checkboxes or dropdowns for specific settings rather than freeform text fields. There are just too many variables between printers, slicers, and proprietary manufacturer software. Certain settings in one app may be called something different in another i.e. Extrusion Multiplier, Material Flow Rate

    Also, somewhat similar to the dataset that Filaments Directory has already been compiling.

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