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    (Help) Printer Printing Bumpy

    I am currently using the Qidi Tech X-One 3D printer which is capable of printing very high quality, but some of the prints keep ending up bumpy. It seems that it only happens around parts of the print that have tight infill. So it would print a large square (Large open space for infill) or a very thin wall (No infill) very well. But a 5 mm wall (has infill) would print really bumpy. I currently use the Slic3r Software on Mac to slice my prints. I have attached a picture so you can kind of see what is happening. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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    Try lowering your flow rate setting.
    It is probably overextruding.

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    You should be able to adjust the infill print speed. Try faster, if that doesn't work, try slower :-)

    If that doesn't work - get simplify 3d. Which includes a whole slew of settings you can adjust for infill.

    The problem with adjusting flow rate is that it effects every aspect of the print, not just infill.

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