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    Question (Help) Prints Warping To Side (Pics Included)

    Ok, so the pictures can simply explain whats going on. I have tried fixing this by changing filament temperiture up or down. I am using an M3D 3D printer, and normal PLA Filament bought from the M3D Site.

    Printer I'm using:


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    Your printer looks to be suffering from a slipping belt or gear on one of the X or Y axis motors. It could also be an undervolted motor (less likely).

    You could try repairing it on your own by taking it apart, or contacting customer service for the printer and see if they have a process to fix it. It's a fairly common issue on 3D printers.

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    I would say you have a failing stepper motor cable that is intermittently losing one of the cores.

    I had the very same problem on my CTC. A new cable solved it right away.

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