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    Printer filamnt prices continuing to rise.

    So a year or so back I was able to get 1kg of basic pla for between 10-12
    And as I've used it all up, have to say it was pretty good stuff.

    One of the budget brands - sunlu, are now only selling through a new dealer and their prices are ridiculous. over 40 a kile. Hell I can get polymaker polymax fior that kind of money.

    Keep looking on ebay and all the really cheap stuff seems to be permamently out of stock.

    Is this a result of the uk's on going farce with leaving the eu ?
    Or a result of global demand for filament being on the rise - or a combination of the two ?

    Are the prices rising in the us and europe as much as the uk ?

    I do know my favourite filament of all time (lol) reprappers wood coloured pla - sells out almost as soon as 3dfilaprint get it in. And I guess because it's bought in bulk is still usually between 16-18 a kg - and probably worth twice as much.
    Knew I should have bought more than 1 roll last time.

    What prompted this post is that I've just run through my last roll of cheap amazon white pla and cannot find anything less than 16 kg delivered. The roll i've just used up was - I believe - 10.75 delivered ! And less than a year ago. IE: AFTER the uk vote to leave the eu.

    So are the good times over ?
    Does anyone know of a reliable supplier of 1.75 pla in the uk for under 15 a kg ?
    It's a long shot, but I got used to decent filament at cheap prices :-)

    I have discovered one of the big filament and printer suppliers in the uk is only a few miles from me. Have to contact them and see if i can pick it up myself and save the postage.
    Industrial estate based warehouse operations can be funny about direct callers. I live 10 minutes from the uks largest supplier of butcher and sausage making supplies. But can't just go and pick my order up. Have to pay postage - which is bloody annoying - and reminds me, got to order sausage casing.

    So to recap - is it just the uk or are filament prices rising elsewhere in the world as well ?

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    Hi Curious Aardvark,

    I sell 3D printer filament in the UK. If you are interested then please PM me.

    I do agree with you that prices of other retailers have been increasing recently. I think there is a realisation by some retailers that customer see a low price as a sign of a poor quality filament so they up their prices. Some prices are just insane! (nearly 50 for a spool).

    Would be interesting to hear what others have to say about this.


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