Hey just wanted to let everyone who owns a (Wanhao I3 or Maker Select V2.1 and PLUS) that there are options for upgrading the y-axis carriage. The stock y-axis carriage on all newer machines if a cheap stamped metal that has internal stresses built in, bends easily, and is too thin leading in extreme cases to be unable to touch the nozzle to the bed with lowest switch settings. These machines used to come with an aluminum carriage, but that has long been phased out, that one was OK.

A reddit user made a guide about the process of upgrading the carriage and what options there are : https://letsprint3d.net/2017/04/18/g...arriage-plate/

a) Reprap Champion annodized aluminum : https://reprapchampion.com/products/...e-maker-select

b) My Custom laminate plate : http://imgur.com/a/culRe