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    Replicator 2 Raft / Base Issue

    Hello, I have a replicator 2 with rafting issues, when I print the first raft base layer, it overlaps causing a blob on itself in several areas.
    The layer is not lifting off the platform or anything weird, it just generally goes over itself when rafting causing blobs or bumbs in a few areas. (im thinking its the way makerbot desktop maps out the first layer?)
    Which then causes the print head to bounce and bang against after the second layer starts.
    Any ideas?

    I've also had trouble with the print head grinding or rubbing / making a scraping sound on precious layers, I've leveled my platform and adjusted my filament feed rate several ways and times.
    Not sure what to do, Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    When I first had the machine this never happened, only after a few updates to makerbot desktop and firmware did this become a problem.
    Is there a way to go back to factory firmware?

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    most likely the slicer and NOT the firmware.

    How about trying flashprint ?
    It's a pretty good free slicer and compatible with replicator clones so should work with a makerbot rep 2.

    the other alternative is to go back to an earlier version of makerware:

    I use the 32bit version of that. Works well.

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    Rama, did you ever get this figured out?

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    probably the slicer. I have found problems using new versions of makerware with old replicators.

    also the bed can be level, but be a variety of distances from the head. Tuning that distance can make difference in print quality and different distances work for different layer thicknesses.

    a shot in the dark, but is the print head seated on the carriage properly?

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    Yep, my issue, which was the same as the OP was the slicer. Switched to FlashPrint and all is good.

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