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    the buccaneer is still going ?
    thought that sunk without trace years ago.

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    if your main intent is figurines, and you don't mind investing some time in building a printer, I would go for height and get an affordable Kossel style printer.
    I am very happy with my affordable Wanhao 5s Duplicator Mini. Still within your budget is the larger version with 24" build height.
    For more plug and play solutions, the Ultimaker 2 with 8"cubed volume or the extended version will be great.

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    Wow, what a list! It seems to include most of the notable failures of the late 3D printer boom.

    Quote Originally Posted by dannielgery View Post
    Hi. Nowadays 3D printing technology is very much popular in every industry. Due to the high demand and precision, it takes to build these intricate machines. I took service from Iannone 3D, which uses in-house Stratasys Fortus printers as well as our network of large-envelope printers for 3D Printing Service in the New Jersey area. For more details visit the website. Thanks.
    Some 3d printers are:

    1. Peachy Printer [A kickstarter project that went bad when they absconded with the funds: ]

    2. MakiBox [Another Kickstarter fiasco, which closed down in 2014, taking a lot of sucker's money with it:

    3. Printrbot [This is actually a solid machine, that's still being made - what's it doing on this list?]

    4. Phoenix 3D Printer [Another cautionary tale for people who think of Kickstarter as a store, rather than a casino: ]

    5. Romscraj [A Singapore company that took customers for a short unhappy ride, trying to come up with a printer that folded up - but the company did that instead.

    6. The Buccaneer [From aptly-named "Pirate 3D" it sank when despite a lot of Kickstarting, they couldn't produce working machines:

    7. Solidoodle [Closed down last year: ]

    8. RigidBot [Another example of a company chasing a low price-point, which closed down when it lost the race:

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    You bought it from your own store? Did you give yourself a discount?

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    Did you get their help with writing this post? Did they come up with that "not more than a nightmare" phrase for you?

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    Hello guys,

    Sorry for hijacking this old thread, but I need some advice.

    I'm looking to purchase a decent 3dprinter, but with so many models on the market, I have absolutely no clue what I should buy.

    Here is what I need it for:
    I plan to print small objects, 3"x3"x3" at maximum, but with best possible accuracy.
    Objects will be cut, have details carved on them, polished and used to create silicon rubber casting molds.

    My available budget tops at 2000$. I don't need to print multiple objects daily, possibly up to 2-3 per day, but accuracy is important for me and reliability is also an issue - I will share this printer with a less technical person, so the fewer failures, the better.

    Any advice you can give me?

    Help much appreciated.

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    First Post- No machine yet- Looking for truly active forums, is this the place?

    Let me just say, I am a hobbiest at heart, but I make money at whatever my hobby may be...

    I would simply Like an update on aardvarks recommendations, as the link is a bit dated.
    Based on those recommendations I would be looking at the Qidi Tech. ( Cost Effective ) Still Viable? I see them on E-Bay....
    Very concerned about proprietary software limitations on whatever I choose, 9x9x6 is the most I would need and most printers are accommodating,
    other than some of the mini ones....

    Thanks for any current recommendations.


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    the qidi is still a very good buy.
    But almost the same price range (if you go for the kit) is the prusa i3 mk3 - bang up to date tech wise with some really great features.

    Software limitations - not sure there are any on any non-industrial machine. They all run off gcode, as long as a slicer will generate it (and they all do) it'll work.

    Some of the older replicator clones (the qidi is a rep clone - but don't think they still use mightyboards, so probably run off gcode these days) use x3g files. But flashforge's flashprint and simplify3d both happily generate those with no issues.

    Whatever you get I would recommend getting simplify3d as well.
    Just makes life easier and puts every possible setting in an easy to use format. Compared to the current version of cura - s3d is much much easier to use.
    There are a whole bunch of cheap, decent smaller volume machines out there if you just want to test the water - so to speak.
    My current recommendation for cheap, small volume printer is the monoprice mini delta:

    At $160, it's got all the features of the expensive machines; wifi, removeable flexible build plate, full auto calibration, fast and detailed prints, fully built and tested.
    If they were selling them in the uk - I'd have bought one. But shipping from the states is ridiculous. So I'm currently patiently (well impatiently anyway) waiting for them to come on sale in the uk.

    Kit machine wise - well you can go from £99 on up to a couple of thousand.
    Can't really recommend with out a price range.
    But I guess my current, upscale recommendations would be the tevo little monster:

    I'm a big delta fan. The floating extruder setup tevo has, gives you a very fast large volume machine with all the benefits of a bowden tube style delta, but none of the drawbacks.

    I'm also a massive advocate of idex (independant dual extruder) machines.
    The formbot t-rex 2 +
    Has an awful lot going for it as well.
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    Hi Ben2900,
    How are you? May I help to you. while 3D printers are not particularly cheap, there are several that come with a relatively low price tag. we've located and thoroughly researched the best budget 3D printers on the market so that you don't have to.

    our first recommendation is the Monoprice select mini.At a little over $200, this model is an excellent choice for people looking to dip their toes into the world of 3D printing.

    It has a 4.7" build area , micro sd slot , and simple intuitive interface, this product offers far more than you might expect. plus, it's low price makes it's an absolute bargain.

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