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    Thank you. That one is on my shortlist. Only the build volume lets it down. I was also looking at the anycubic mega x but would need to upgrade the extruder. Not sure how easy that would be.

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    Hi, im also new to 3d printing. I am going to use it at home mainly for fixing things.. printing clips, tools, accesories, handles, brackets... so would like to be able to print decently tough things. is pla and abs good enough.. or should I be looking for something that can do nylon?
    was looking to spend around 500$.. so was looking at maybe a Prusa mini+ but found out shipping is going to be quite high. would that printer be good quality but still beginner friendly? would I be better off looking for something based more in NA for parts and warrenty? I live in CA. also was goinig to put it in my basement.. it's spray foamed so no drafts., and would put a dehumidifier. but can get a bit cold. probabaly 9degrees C. will the cold and little bit of extra dust be bad with a non-enclosed 3d printer. (don't have much room in my house otherwise. only other place is garage.. which is colder and dirtier.)
    I also have no 3d modeling exp... I started trying to learn on blender, this program not too bad to learn but can do more technical stuff down the road?
    thank you for your time in advance.

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    Someone advised an ender 5 plus with a micro swiss direct extruder upgrade. Thoughts?

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    My son recently bought a Prusa Mini and I think the shipping was around $50.00?
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    the cheapest was close to 70$, by the time I exchanged it to CAD and the estimated customs and what not.. it was around 680 I believe...
    how does he like it? is it his first 3d printer?

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    We have over a dozen printers, some commercial and some we scratch built. My son used to do printer reviews for MAKE magazine and he has tested scores more. He loves his Ultimaker and Prusa's (I think we have 5 or 6 Prusa's between us?) My "Fan Favorite" is our big Delta but the results do not match up to a Prusa. He currently prints daily with his Mini and Mk3S and always turns out great prints. At my house I have a Kossel Delta, a Makerbot Replicator 2, a Cube, a Prusa Mk1 and a Prusa Mk2s.

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    have a look at the tronxy 5sa PRO

    For dedicated abs useage you'd need to enclose it.
    But pet-g, pet, pla plus and rigid polyurethane are all better than abs anyway and don't need enclosed print volumes.

    I think, at the moment that is probably the best 'bang-for-buck' 3d printer on the planet.

    They've done 95% of the updates the original x5sa needed.

    And reinforced corner brackets are a cheap and easy thing to add yourself.

    If I needed that build volume - that would be the first machine on my current list.

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    thank you guys for the help. appreciate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnA136 View Post
    Look at the Prusa i3 Mk3S+ kits. Around $750 , easy to assemble and print great.
    Quote Originally Posted by diya_varkey View Post
    While buying a 3D printer, you should give focus on the following points :-

    Resin vs. Filament 3D Printers
    3D Printer Noise
    Printing Speed
    Self-levelling Bed
    3D Printer Connectivity Options
    Device Footprint and Build Size
    Print Quality, Accuracy, Precision, and More

    Thanks! Info I was searching for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cartloot View Post
    Suggest me a cheap but best 3D printer in the market, I am trying to sell 3D printed toys. So I wanted cheap but best and reliable printer..Thank..
    What kind of toys are you making?

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