well personally I wouldn't touch an ender 3 with an extremely long bargepole.
not a great design and for every one that works we have 20 people on here with problems.
If you're going for an I3 style. Then get one with a direct drive extruder and side support rods or rails. NOT a single central support that's mounted on sideways wheels. That's just never going to be completely level - ever !
If you're intent on an i3 then this is probably the best around in the budget sector.
That's a decent bit of kit. A rebadged flashforge i3 creator plus (monoprice don't make printers, but rebadge and sell for less than the original manufacturer). Head and shoulders above an ender 3.
Doesn't have the bells and whistles, but a very solid design with lots and lots of mods on thingiverse and a large support network.

My current budget recommendation would probably be a monoprice voxel
It's a rebadged flashforge adventurer 3. Not a massive build platform, but pretty decent otherwise.