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    Sketchup requires a plugin to export STL, but it's not an issue to get it or use it. I'm a SU user myself.

    My printer is 8^3, and it ran about 600. There are better ones out there than mine, which is the Davinci, and has been a fairly dependable pain in the ass to run printer, but it got the job done. But if I had to buy for the first time again, I'd go another route.

    2500 would get you a very nice machine. Good machines can be found, in your size range, for under a grand.

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    Hey Ben,
    You 3D printer purchase depends on its utility and usage . If you are looking for a 3D Printer in which you want to print small toys or DIYs then you should not go for any 3d printer which is more then $399 and if you are looking for the one in which you can perform high quality printing with complex ideas like architecture printing you should go for something like Creality CR-10S PRO, Makerbot Replicator+, Creality ender3 Pro-high precision 3d printer or Dremel Digilab like this there are many options available. These 3D Printer will solve your purpose but with the design printing the most important part is to understand that which one can you easily understand as you see the more complex designs the more complex understanding of that 3D printer so I will suggest you to go for a simple one first to get an basic understanding of a 3D Printer.

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    hi all, I am new here... well I need help to choose the right 3dprinter for me...I need it to print small things, usually cylinders which are 5cm long and 1cm high... the only problem is that the finish should be very glossy (which I think I can achieve with sandpapering and spraying)I have downloaded Fusion 360 and I am making a small progress for now to make my design but I dont know which printer should I use, if you guys can recommend..thanks

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    Great content! I got an idea for my new printer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kylers View Post
    I am very happy with my affordable Wanhao 5s Duplicator Mini. Still within your budget is the larger version with 24" build height.
    For more plug and play solutions, the Ultimaker 2 with 8"cubed volume or the extended version will be great.
    Lol, I'm flattered but please don't copy-paste my posts.

    On topic, the most important thing is to have a plan for your 3D printer and decide based on that.

    At this moment I would recommend going with a trusted brand that produces printers that have proved to last for years.
    I.e. not several of the Chinese brands but businesses with more reliable development processes (even if components are sourced from China)
    Reason is that my two Wanhao 5s machines have both failed last year in the electronics department.


    - The Prusa i3 is awesome, it's a true classic of the 3D printer world and so versatile.

    - Ultimaker is a great brand, but IMO they are overpricing the product

    - BCN3D Sigma, top-of-the-line choice

    - Lulzbot

    - Possibly the Creality (Chinese), Flashforge or Monoprice on recommendations of C.A.

    Most of all, don't expect it to be a plug-n-play deal, it requires developing some expertise.

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    Lightbulb 3D Printer Cost and Beginners Guide

    Dear Ben2900When its come to best 3d printer. Most of them are good. Now in improved level. If you are a starting up or to find out the direction then I would suggest just do the take off mode. Early stage 3d printers. Better you can research on google, however, no one guarantee you what exactly you need to buy. So I would suggest start with Beginners level then moderated 3d printer will help you out with out spending more. There are lots of aspect need to think about before you start buying 3d printers. So I would suggest read this article and choose from it. I don't think you need to spend in one go $1000. Learn and move forward is best practice. how much 3d printer cost?

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    This thread helped me a lot as well. I am grateful for the comments I red.

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    I've been also looking for the best 3D printer for me in terms of affordability and high quality and I found this useful article suggesting which one is the best in your case and everything.
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