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    I don't usually like these lists but in your case it would be worth using a 3d printer picker website. At least to start narrowing down the candidates.
    Eliminate makerbot to start with and as marm says davinci are chaep but questionable quality and utility.

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    I do not know your usage needs to be able to advise you on the machine that suits your needs as well as the price you can accept, because these devices are quite expensive.

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    First of all it's important what you need. If you wanna a 3d printer under 1000, you can try rep rap printer. But it's little bit difficult to combine it. Because you're gonna try design a printer and collect parts. Some parts doesn't fit your design, gonna read tons of datasheet and documentation etc.-It all depends on your abilities,I made it one- Or you can buy from any manufacturer. But I want you to know, if you want big build plate(300mmx300mm or +), direct extruder, heated bed, etc. kind of features, they will push your budget.

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    hi all, I am new here... well I need help to choose the right 3dprinter for me...I need it to print small things, usually cylinders which are 5cm long and 1cm high... the only problem is that the finish should be very glossy (which I think I can achieve with sandpapering and spraying)I have downloaded Fusion 360 and I am making a small progress for now to make my design but I dont know which printer should I use, if you guys can recommend..thanks

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