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    Lots of very useful tips. Thank you all for your knowledge.

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    I'm a new to 3D printer, I have a Creality Ender 3V2. It is said that this is a printer suitable for beginners. Now I can print some simple model. I really like 3D printing, I will try to learn more knowledge about printing.

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    Hi Student

    You are using MacBook That's Great, and if you are still looking and 3D printing Under the 1000 Budget then search on Google, Amazon and other Shopping site. brother printer setup

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    According to me, before owning a printer you should be mentioned that for what purpose you need a printer. When your need is clear then its easy to decide that what printer you can own.

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    Yes I agree with @spencerross .I usually recommend an FDM printer rather than an SLA one.I kind of prefer filament printers, they're much safer and cleaner!

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    It's very helpful. Thanks

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    would you like to tell me that what kind of printers you are looking for? Because there are multiple industries using printers, such as medical, education, etc.

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