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    Nice suggestion

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    Hi.. I have no more idea about 3d printing. I just want to do a business and Binashree helped me to design a great 3d demo product.

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    From my opinion I would say Creality Ender-3 3D Printer for three simple reasons:

    1. Easy Setup: Boasts a large build volume and takes little time and effort to assemble.
    2. Features: Bowmen extrude, V-slot wheels, heated bed, full extruded aluminum frame, and the ability to print ABS.
    3. Cheap Price: $289

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    Thanku so much for great information.

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    as far as the ender 3 goes - the bowden extruder and v slot wheels for the bed - are NEGATIVE features :-)
    Plus no side support for the bed.

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    I am thinking to buy HP Jet Fusion 580 Color 3D printer, Its awesome and can printer in multi-color, I have also confirmed from Hp printer Support, it is awesome If you guys also looking for 3D printer Believe me its awesome.

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    I am looking for advice on which new printer to get. This will be my second printer, my first was a solidoodle 2 (which I bought from my high school at the time so they could get a better printer which was a printrbot simple metal). I have found the solidoodle is just a bit too small of a print area at times mainly in the x and y directions.

    I definitely want a heated bed
    I want a printer that has a good print resolution anything at or better than the printrbot simple metal was capable of.
    I would have gotten a printrbot if they didn't recently go out of business, at least in my option they seemed to have made great printers.

    The Solidoodle I have has a print area of about 150 x 150 by 150 mm, and is at times just a bit too small for times I can't just slice a print in half and glue together both parts.

    My budget is somewhere around $500 - $700

    I like to print functioning parts, like the NASA wrench and the platform jack that you print fully assembled the solidoodle has just never been able to do these prints.

    Printers I have been looking at
    The Creality CR-10S Pro with a micro Swiss hot end from tiny machines which would be around $700ish

    Or do I splurge a bit more and get a Prusa i3 kit from Josef Prusa and is this kit easy to assemble and start printing easily?

    But I would like to hear what other options or thoughts anyone has on what printer I should get!

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