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    Anyone used hair straighteners to join filament ?

    Turns out mini hair straighteners go to between 180-200c. Ideal for joining pla.
    Have a pair of facing half inch ceramic plates that heat up.

    I figure you could either use a rotary tool diamond grinding wheel to cut a suitable sized slot in the ceramic plates - pretty risky.
    Or make a metal jig that fitted over the plates and had the grooves in place to put the filament for joining.

    And the best bit is that you can get a pair of mini straighteners for under 10.
    I have soooo many reels with little bits of filament left. I figure this one is a definitely on the todo list :-)

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    Rainbow prints here we come.

    Same reason I have a giant box of failed prints ready to shred up to be remade into home made filament someday.

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