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    Zaha Hadid Architects Showcases 3D Printed Sculpture

    We've seen the beautiful and structural design work of London-based Zaha Hadid Architects before. The Head of Computation and Design at Zaha Hadid Architects had his work displayed in the Stratasys booth at Adobe MAX 2015, and a year ago, Stratasys showcased the parametrically designed, 3D printed chair prototype that Hadid and her design partner created, using Stratasys multi-material, multi-color printers, a year before the architectural and revolutionary visionary sadly passed away. The architecture and design firm recently created a beautiful, experimental structure, using 3D printing technology, for Milan Design Week, which began on Tuesday and will end this Sunday, April 9th. Read more at

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    This is gorgeous - essentially using a 3D foam printbed for FFF printing.
    Thinking from the perspective of architecture - if we create the foam core as mandrel that gets fed through linearly, we can create very high novel structural solutions using EBAM or laser cladding.

    There is also a video about this project:

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    It is pretty cool. But I wonder how they did the ties around the bundles - that's not shown in the video, or in the model that's shown as the final product there. It looks like the bundles might have been coming undone, and someone had to put the ties on afterward by hand. I think it looks better with them on; it's more reminiscent of classic wrought iron work.

    Andrew Werby

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