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    3d Printing idea of promotional items?

    Hey! I would like to know if anyone here has tried 3D printing of items used for promoting a brand or a business? Custom promotional items are a good way to build brand and promote the business. I believe 3D printing can be extremely useful in that area. But what kind of things can be printed, which are useful as a promotional item? A 3D model of something, key chain and what else do you think is a good 3D printed promotional item? Could you share some ideas?
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    Look at some of the companies that sell all that promotional junk. You could 3d print most of it that could be printed. But when people order promotional junk, they want 50, or 100, or 10,000 of that one item. Bulk production is not in 3d printing's wheel house. Where 3d printing promotional items becomes good is when it's a custom, one of a kind item. Such as plastic business card that breaks apart and can be reassembled into a model of something. A company could print out 20 or 30 of these over the course of a week, and take them to a big meeting of theirs, or when they are hitting up sales calls. Go check out thingiverse for all the different types of stuff like that people have printed.

    And personally, I think keychain tokens are stupid things. They're just bulky items that take up more room in my pocket.

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    As above.. 3D printing is best for custom items of high value and a unique design and/or functionality.
    There are few niches where 3DP is in range of larger batch manufacturing. See my article:

    As for ideas, I like complex moving structures with all parts integrated in one print, and textile-like structures. For example SLS allows you to create very complex Rubik or Hoberman-like toys.

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    At the last haunted attraction trade show I visited there was a vendor who had a guy dressed as a hillbilly killer. He came up and asked "Have you been toe'd?". I said no, and he handed me a fake toe with their business card attached and said "Now you been toe'd!". Pretty cheap and easy imho and had a great lasting impression on me.

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    I have tried 3D printing for my smart phone cover. It not only looks fancy but it protects it from breakage, water damage etc.
    You can also use 3D printers for 3D paintings. Hope you would like my suggestions.

    Custom corporate gifts
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    We have been printing promotional keychains and fidget spinners with custom logo's. It is allowing us to provide a more custom option for the customer. Instead of buying a fidget spinner and putting their logo on it with a sticker, we are able to emboss or deboss the log into the part. This is also allowing the customer to be able to break into the game without a ridiculous molding cost. The HP multi-jet fusion machine is what is allowing us the design flexibility to create these unique items that otherwise cant be machined or produced without a secondary operation or assembly.

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