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    Strange problem with printing

    I havn't been using my printer for a few weeks now and recently I bought a new filament (PET). It prints just fine, layers are perfectly constant without any gaps, hovever, the paths of filament are strangely thin, as a result i got strainer-like item. what should I do first and what is the problem?

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    try printing at either a slower speed or a higher temperature.
    Or both :-)

    I'd go for too low printing temp.
    Plus pet-g printed cool is actually weaker than pla and has layer seperation issues if you flex it.
    Actually had a piece of pet-g flake off and hit me in the face. The same part in pla flexes better and doesn't shoot bits at me.
    So next time I use the pet-g I will be upping the printing temp by at least 15c.

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    I'm not sure about higher temperature. I would use PET (not PET-g) some time ago and it was my preferable material because it was easy to print and quite flexible. I was printing it at 235-240c but now it was not enough. I turned it up to 250 but leter I decided to use 246c and it was ok I think. I'll try to reduce speed but I'm thinking about comparing it with second extruder and see what to do next.

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    PET has a high surface friction. If you are using a Bowden tube it can be that the friction prevents extrusion so you will need a higher flow.
    With PLA the same stringing can occur when the temperature is too high, then the filament forms droplets and comes out like a bead string.

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    pet is very different to pet-g.
    so can't really compare the two.

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    I think I found the problem. I have no idea why but the build plate goes down a little every time when heated. I just decided to level it just after canceling the print which went bad. Build plate was too low which was strange due to a fact that i've leveled it about two days ago. I believe it's fine now.

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    yep. Hotter the buildplate the quicker it goes out of true.
    yet another reason I stopped using abs :-)

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    With mesh patterns you can make so much nice things! For example, i have built dollhouse for my daughter. It turned out so beautifully, she even wrote about it in her blog - casestudywriter .

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