I'm designing a CoreXY 3d printer and trying to determine components. One thing I'm tossed between is going with nema 17 or nema 23's. Either way I would like 400 steps/rev (.9 deg). The reason I'm thinking of going nema 23 is 2 fold: a) my printer is on the large side with a build volume of about 19in x 22in x 26in (still tweaking that though) and b) i can forsee myself strapping a dremel to it, making some mods, and using it as a wood/aluminum cnc machine. Thus I'm trying to spec out and cost estimate both set-ups but don't really know too much about the electrical components required. AFAIK, I need a power supply, motherboard, controller, and of course the motors. I have a hard time determining what components will work with nema 23 and what will work with nema 17. Can you, great people of this forum, help me out with specing out the electronic side of the system for a printer I have described for both nema 17 motors and nema 23 motors? This would help me a ton and is much appreciated.